Esper is an endgame focused Free Company. We are recruiting skillful, determined players, that are willing to put the Free Company first. With that being said, please do not apply unless you are ready to put a full time commitment from this point forward into Esper.

Once we review your application we may ask you to join us in Mumble. We then will provide you with a temporary pearl. Once you get your temp pearl we encourage you to become active within the shell. We will get you into events so we can judge your skill level. While you are on temporary status you will be added to our DKP. It is just as important that you get along with all of our members as it is that you are a skilled player. There is no set amount of time that you will be considered a temporary member. If you already have a great deal of experience with the end game in FFXIV and you seem to be getting along with all of our members temporary status will be quick. If you are new to the end game in FFXIV your temp status will take longer. We will need to see how well you follow directions and how fast you pick up the game. It is not mandatory that you have a great deal of end game experience but we do require you to know how the game works, how stats work, what equipment you should and should not be using.

Once your temporary status have been deemed long enough the leadership will vote.

If you have any questions please feel free to send a message to :

Brent Black
Santino Corleone
Drew Linares
Master Babaganoosh
Dark Delacroix

Thank you & Good luck!!
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